The Ultimate SEO Guide for B2B Marketplace

Whether you sell in B2B Safe or not, one of the things that must be important is to position yourself correctly in Google.

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30-08-2021 News B2Bsafe

Why is it so important to position yourself in Google?

As we already know, the browser that we use the most, both personally and professionally, is Google. 

This is because, for years, this browser has been very simple and intuitive to use and has a high performance. Moreover, thanks to its algorithms, it shows its users what they want or need.

In 2020, 59% of the world's population used the internet and, as a result, they used their browser to find products and services. Therefore, in this virtual showcase that is the Internet and, above all, Google, the position that your products occupy among the results is extremely important. 

And, as is often said, if you are not on the first page of Google results, you don't exist. That is why it is so important to get a good positioning, to appear among the first results. 

What do we achieve with SEO?

If we apply good SEO to our product, we achieve the following:

- Positioning against the competition: when a user, decision-maker or buyer searches for a product or service that we sell, they will find our product before that of the competition if we do a good SEO.

- Increase in visits: when you carry out a good SEO, your results appear among the first ones and this increases the number of visits to your page.

- Visibility: The increase in visits and positioning increases visibility. The more visibility you have, the higher up Google shows you.

What is SEO and how does it help us in marketplaces?

To be in these first results of the website, it is essential to work on the SEO of our website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a compendium of tools and techniques that optimise our website so that Google and other search engines can read and index it. 

If our page is well indexed, it means that it is part of Google's catalogue and, when someone makes a search that matches what we have on the web, it is displayed.

What are the types of SEO?

There are two types of SEO that you should be aware of:

- On-site SEO: on the one hand, we have on-site SEO which refers to all the SEO we have on our website. It depends on different characteristics: the speed of the website, the code used, the keywords, the images...

- Off-site SEO: on the other hand, off-site SEO usually refers to the reputation of the page through the links that link to it, the use of social networks, etc.

How does SEO work on marketplaces?

The great advantage of marketplaces is that part of the SEO techniques that help us to position ourselves are distributed among different actors.

The design of the marketplace

When we talk about web design, we refer to things like the speed of the site, whether the HTML is validated or not, whether it is mobile friendly, whether the code is well cared for, etc.

The design of the marketplace depends solely on the company that owns the product. In this sense, it is important to make sure that it is a company with solvency and that they do things well.

The content

In the case of content, this responsibility is shared between the owners of the Marketplace and the sellers.

Marketplace owners can add content through a blog or news page, by changing information on different landing pages, etc.

Sellers, on the other hand, add products and services to the website that Google detects as new content. In addition, as there are different vendors, the catalogue is huge and so are the content updates.

Tags and metatags

Tags or mega tags are tags that are integrated into the HTML code of the web page and give us information that help search engines to categorise the web. 

The most important tags are Title, description, robots and canonical. 

The ones we are especially interested in for selling in a Marketplace are the Title and description tags, as they give us the information that users will see when they do a search.

In this sense, these tags are on the main category pages of the marketplaces and also on our product cards. Therefore, the responsibility for these tags is shared between the users and the owners of the Marketplace.

As users, we must enter the title and description information as completely as possible. Marketplace owners must enter these tags correctly so that they appear in their HTML code and can be read by Google. 

What SEO techniques can we use to better position our products?

In a Marketplace, the only thing we can control is the uploading of products and services to the platform. That is why it is so important that we take care of all aspects of our offers, especially the following:

Title of the offer

The title of the offer is the name of what we are selling. If, for example, we are selling RedpillClothes branded clothing, we could follow two formulas: 

1. Type of product + Brand + Product characteristics. For example: Shirt + RedPillClothes + long-sleeved red shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons.

2. Brand + Product Type + Product Characteristics. For example: RedPillClothes + Shirt + long-sleeved red shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons.
As we can see in the two previous examples, it is very important to give detailed information about the product or service, because the more specific we are, the better we will be positioned.

On the other hand, it is recommended that this title does not exceed 65 characters. 

Description of the offer

In the description of the offer we are not penalised by the number of characters, so we should take advantage of this to give all the information that may be of interest to search engines. 

It is not necessary to stick only to the physical characteristics, in the case of the offer of a physical product, we can also add other types of information.

For example, if we sell a television cabinet that will be bought by decoration shops, we can add a description like the following:

- TV cabinet in bleached acacia wood with two doors and two drawers.

- With holes in the back of the cabinet to pass cables through and make them invisible. 

- Colonial style furniture, trend for autumn-winter 2021.

- TV cabinet perfect for rooms with a classic touch.
As we can see in the description, in addition to the physical attributes, information such as whether it is trendy or where the product can fit in has been put in value.

Images and videos

Google is very interested in photos, and from the images section we have a wonderful gateway to our products and services.

We must make sure that we have good quality photos in our offers, as photos taken in any way detract from our credibility as a company and give a bad image to our product.

Videos are also very popular with users and, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, not just any video will do: the shorter and more specific, the better. It is advisable not to make videos longer than 20 minutes.

Help in our social networks

In addition to the work within the Marketplace, we can help SEO through our own social networks. To do this, we only have to create content with a link to our offers, and publish it on our profiles. 

How does B2B Safe help me to position my products or services in Google?

At B2B Safe we take the SEO of our Marketplace very seriously. On the one hand, we have developed a robust and fast Marketplace, which allows you to search through our offers quickly and without waiting, in addition to keeping the page permanently updated in its content as well as its social networks. On the other hand, we have optimised our website so that all tags and meta tags work correctly in google.

In addition, we are available to all users, in this case sellers, to help them upload their offers and help them optimise them. We do this automatically, creating tags and meta tags for each of the products and services they offer for sale, as well as optimising the size of videos and photographs so that the page loads quickly and avoids bounces from buyers. 

We also do this manually, with support for users whenever they have any doubts or need help in uploading offers.

Do you want to sell on a website optimised for online sales, not only in the Spanish market but also worldwide? Sign up to sell for free and without commissions on B2B Safe.


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