8 reasons to sell on B2B Safe

During the pandemic, users and customers have not only moved from face-to-face meetings to the online world: they have also digitised the purchasing process.


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11-05-2021 News B2Bsafe

As we discussed in this post with tips to increase online sales, users no longer only use the phone for their purchases: they also expect to be able to do so through multiple channels.

This is what is known as multichannel shopping. Multichannel shopping means that, without completely giving up the telephone, as it is still the quickest way to contact the company in the event of a problem, users want to be able to shop from the computer on websites, from the mobile on websites or apps as well as by traditional methods.

In this sense, having a place on the Internet where we can sell our services or goods is absolutely necessary. And it is in this context that we can count on B2B Safe.

What are the reasons to sell on B2B Safe?

1. B2B Safe does not charge sales commissions.

Unlike other marketplaces, which can charge between 9% and 30% commission on sales, transactions on B2B Safe are commission-free.

This means that you can sell as much as you want through our Marketplace without increasing the price and without reducing your margin.

2. B2B Safe is the wholesale Marketplace with the most modern security features that technology allows... And constantly evolving. 

At B2B Safe, in addition to having a team of people who verify, one by one, each merchant who signs up to sell, we also verify that each buyer who signs up is who they say they are.

In addition, you can secure your transactions with a Trusted Third Party and Blockchain, which records all communications that have taken place during the sale.

3.    Take advantage of B2B Safe's search engine visibility and reputation.

Collaboration between companies, i.e. thousands of companies publishing offers on B2B Safe, leads to greater visibility on Google. 
Therefore, thanks to this collaboration, you will not need to invest so much in marketing and you will take advantage of the SEO that is done between all of them. 

4.    Selling on B2B Safe is cheaper than having your own online shop.

How much would it cost you to have an online shop with identity verification, biometric authentication and technologies like Blockchain? Too much, right?

Unless you use B2B Safe, where you have all this and much more, always evolving to guarantee your security and that of your customers and 100% free for Crédito y Caución policyholders.

5.    B2B Safe puts private shops at your disposal.

In the previous point we talked about the cost of your company developing and implementing all these security features in your private shop. You probably think that would be crazy, don't you?

But what if we told you that you can enjoy biometric authentication, Trusted Third Party and Blockchain in your private shop within B2B Safe?

Look how easy it is to get your private shop. You want one, don't you? We understand.

6.    Open new international markets with B2B Safe.

With B2B Safe, you can publish all your offers automatically translated into English and Portuguese. 

Open up markets in these languages with just a couple of clicks.

7.    Sell your overstock anonymously without damaging your company's image.

Not every year is the same, we don't always sell everything we've promised ourselves and the result is that it's taking up space in our warehouses.

Don't worry, because with B2B Safe you can sell all your stock without revealing your identity.

8.    Crédito y Caución policyholders have their risk policy integrated in B2B Safe.

As a Crédito y Caución policyholder, in addition to B2B Safe's own safeguards, you will be able to view a free risk opinion of your buyers as well as request and manage their risk rating. Without leaving the tool!

We are sure that we have given you more than enough reasons to sign up for the safest multi-sector B2B Marketplace on the market. 

Sign up for free and start selling on B2B Safe.

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